Provider Services

Provider Services

The OPNS Provider Services Department ensures that every physician in our network has been approved only after a thorough credentialing and certification process. Physicians are recredentialed every three years in order to ensure their continued adherence to OPNS policies.

As a member of OPNS, you and your practice benefit from the support we provide for credentialing and recredentialing in the many health plan contracts offered through our network.

OPNS serves as a liaison between our physicians their staff and the contracted managed care plans to coordinate the resolution of provider inquiries and problem resolution. We arrange informational and educational programs for office managers, office staff and billers so they can improve their skills and better serve their patients.

For more information about OPNS, or if you are a physician interested in becoming a part of our organization, please contact Jennifer Johnson at You can also phone our office at 248-682-0088, extension 123.

OPNS Physician Credentialing Rights

Reminder about Oakland Physican Network Services Demographic changes, Credentialing and Recredentialing processes

Credentialing Process

The OPNS physician organization has been controlled by and for physicians' benefit for over 20 years.

Taking the lead by empowering practices to engage in the guiding principles of Healthcare Transformation.

The OPNS Credentialing Process can be viewed here.


OPNS Brochure

Supporting Physician Practice Transformation through:

  • Practice Unit and staff support
  • Educational programs and communications 
  • Analytic performance reports and summaries

Negotiating physician best interests by:

  • Preventing de-selections from networks
  • Challenging questionable ranking data
  • Resisting inaccurate transparent public rating sites