Informatics - Suite of Products

OPNS offers a variety of health care technology platforms that integrate with the OPNS Data Warehouse. OPNS recognizes that each practice unit varies and to accommodate for the many situations from one practice unit to the next, OPNS provides unique options to integrate practice units into the technology realm of population health management.

The following options integrate health plan data, statewide ADT data, lab data, clinical EMR data into the OPNS Data Warehouse and Physician Direct Focus Registry to identify gaps in care and exchange supplemental data with health plans to increase quality scores for physicians and the network.


EMR Options


HIE Option

  • Michigan Health Information Network


Registry Option - Health Focus Registry (Free to Physicians)

  • OPNS promoted Population Health Registry
  • Gaps in Care
  • Performance Reporting
  • Admit Discharge Transfer Reports
  • Ambulatory Consolidated Continuity of Care Document Architecture
  • Statewide Hospital Consolidated Continuity of Care Document Architecture
  • Electronic Referrals (eConsult)
  • Transitions in Care Dashboard
  • Care Management Dashboard
  • Clinical Quality Scorecards
  • Supplemental Data Exchange with Health Plans
  • Trinity Health Quality Institute PRISM Risk Scores