About Us

OPNS Board of Directors

  • Renny Abraham, MD - Internal Medicine - President
  • Nathan Chase, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Matthew Cotant, MD - Hematology/Oncology
  • Michael Kizy, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Kenneth Lim, MD - Urology
  • Michael Margolis, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Malik E. McKany, MD - General Surgery
  • Gordon Moss, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Kirit Patel, MD - Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease
  • Steven Rapp, MD - Neurosurgery
  • Aydin Turan, MD - Internal Medicine
  • Jeffery Margolis, MD - Hematology/Oncology

Members, Presenters, Liaisons

  • Imad Mansoor, MD - Internal Medicine - Chief Medical Officer
  • Kristopher D'Amore - Executive Director



Oakland Physician Network Services, Inc. is an independent, physician owned and

operated corporation comprised of over 425 primary care and specialty physicians. 

From its location in Oakland County, OPNS serves the medical community by

centrally maintaining the infrastructure to support best practices in medical

management, office management, and database management.  It provides financial

and quality analysis and reporting services that assist member physicians in

delivering higher quality care and managing costs for more than 15 healthcare plans.

Core Values

To Be:

Accountable, Honest and Fair

Transparent and Outcome Focused

Data Driven and Fact Firm

Innovative and Adaptable

Resource Stewardship Efficient and Value Obsessed

Non-partisan and Equitable


To Demonstrate:

Teamwork and Leadership 


To Provide:

Accessible, Inclusive and Collaborative Customer Satisfaction.

Mission Statement


To be the premier integrated health care delivery system in Southeast Michigan, recognized by our patients, physicians, providers and payors as providing the highest value in care and services.

Vision Statement


To be the preferred and most trusted resource for physicians for services that enhance their practice of medicine.

Managed Service IT Provider

In January, OPNS searched for a new Managed Service IT provider who could handle an overhaul of our network. A goal was to allow OPNS to be less vendor-dependent and use resources efficiently, in line with our core values. We were also seeking long-term support and security oversight to be responsible stewards of our physician members’ data.


We selected Safety Net, just down Orchard Lake Road in Farmington Hills. The people at Safety Net specialize in safe networks that meet strong regulatory compliance requirements. They have worked with multiple EHR software systems and know how to navigate support and updates for eClinicalWorks and NextGen. Safety Net is HIPAA-compliant - in fact, one of their company core values is "Security is paramount." They can work alongside practice managers to complete required security assessments. Since the leading cause of current cyber security breaches is human error (employees trusting what they see in an email - which can be very convincing), Safety Net has included free, in managed services, Security Awareness training for all employees of their client practices at least annually and can also offer phishing practice to help all network users stay on top of spotting these threats. 


Safety Net has made OPNS' systems more reliable and lowered the cost and complexity of managing them. During this transition, Safety Net has also provided timely response, accessibility and extraordinary customer service in order to meet OPNS needs.


If you are interested, please feel free to visit safetynet-inc.com/medical to know more.